Our Cyprus Christmas Quiz

Our Cyprus Christmas Quiz

How well do you know Cyprus?

Quizes are rather fun, which is why the board game, “Trivial Pursuit”, has been such a roaring success!

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge of our beautiful island, its history and its traditions. We’ll give you the answers soon.

Here goes:

  1. Greeks call the villages on the Eastern side of the island “Ta kokkinohorιa” meaning the red villages. Is this because:
  1. They have beautiful red sunsets?
  2. One house in each village is painted red?
  3. They have a rich red soil?
  1. In the 9th and 10th centuries many Greeks left their homes in coastal villages to go and live in higher areas like Pedoulas in the Troodos mountains. Was this because:
  1. There were constant raids by Arab pirates.
  2. Food production was easier in the mountains.
  3. The temperature was more pleasant in the summer.
  1. Cyprus has a traditional clay pot for slow-cooking food. Is this called:
  1. A tagine?
  2. A catsarolla?
  3. A tavas?
  1. In the 1950s Greek students and other young people often went on demonstrations chanting a Greek word.  Was this:
  1. Enosis (means union)
  2. Eleftheria (means freedom)
  3. Kypros (means Cyprus)
  1. In ancient Cypriot settlements, such as Kourion, mosaics of fish can often be found. In the early days of Christianity, an image of a fish was often used by Christians to make themselves known to other Christians without drawing the attention of the persecuting authorities, as they would have done with the symbol of a cross.
    Why was this?
    Clue: In modern Greek a fish is called “psari” but the ancient Greek word is “Ihthys” (“Ιχθυς” in Greek characters).

  2. A traditional strong alcoholic drink is made in Cyprus by distilling wine and grape must. What is this called in Cyprus?
  1. Raki
  2. Grapa
  3. Zivania
  1. Which is a red grape indigenous to Cyprus?
  1. Maratheftiko
  2. Mataro
  3. Xinisteri
  1. What is the name of the Cyprus Wine that the English King Richard Lionheart had served at his wedding?
  1. Commandaria
  2. Mavro
  3. Kalo Krasi
  1. The archaeological site of Choirokoitia is one of the oldest prehistoric sites in the Eastern Mediterranean. From which age did the original inhabitants come?
  1. Stone age
  2. Bronze age
  3. Neolithic age
  1. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain peak of Cyprus. What height does it reach at its top?
  1. 1524 meters
  2. 1952 meters
  3. 2483 meters
  1. What is the main indigenous grape variety of Cyprus white wine?
  1. Spourtiko
  2. Assyrtiko
  3. Xinisteri
  1. If a Greek said to you “Hronia polla,” (literally meaning “many years”) might he be?
  1. Wishing you a Happy Birthday
  2. Saying you look old
  3. Commenting that time flies when you are having fun
  1. When thousands of Greek Cypriots were kicked out of their homes in 1974 by the invading Turkish army, where did most of these people end up living for a long time?
  1. In England
  2. In Greece
  3. In thousands of tents in the remaining part of Free Cyprus
  1. For what is the picturesque village of Lefkara famous
  1. Furniture making
  2. Lace-making
  3. Melomakarona
  1. There is a type of Greek sausage that is specifically Cypriot in tradition. What is its name?
  1. Seftalia
  2. Loukaniko
  3. Pastourma
  1. When the British colonised Cyprus in the early 50s, they brought to the country the custom of eating Turkey for Christmas dinner. What meat had been traditionally eaten in Cyprus at Christmas?
  1. Chicken
  2. Lamb
  3. Pork
  1. When a Cyprus coffee is prepared, water, coffee and sugar are mixed together and brought to the boil. You can order yours to be sweet, medium sweet or to have no sugar at all. How do you ask for it if you want no sugar at all?
  1. Metrio
  2. Gliki
  3. Sketo
  1. In Greece if you go to buy a cabbage you will ask for a “Lahano”. In Cyprus a different word is generally used. Which is it?
  1. Krambi
  2. Cabaggio
  3. Horta
  1. The ancient Greeks demonstrated an incredible understanding of the physics of sound. In Greece one of the most famous amphitheatres is to be found at Epidaurus? Where is the finest example of one in Cyprus?
  1. Kalo Horio
  2. Mosfiloti
  3. Kourion
  1. One of the traditional delicacies of Cyprus is Soutzoukos. Its main ingredients are nuts, flour and something else. Is this?
  1. Grapefruit juice
  2. Chicken broth
  3. Grape juice

When that time comes where you are feeling rather full from your Christmas eating and drinking and you have had a walk if you are choosing to have one, it is nice to sit lethargically in the sitting room it and to have a not terribly energetic social activity. If you are playing host to other members of the family this year, you might like to run this quiz past your guests. You may find some clues in our photos - and also some red herrings.