How can the risk of premature death be reduced?

How can the risk of premature death be reduced?

Scientists warn us of the danger!

Researchers, led by assistant professor of behavioral medicine Keith Diaz of the College of Medicine of Columbia University in New York, according to a report published in the "American Journal of Epidemiology", in their research, they analysed data from 8,000 people overthe age of 45 in relation to premature death and sedentary life.

According to the survey, if a person replaces 30 minutes of sitting with some physical activity, they reduces the risk of premature death by up to 35%. In particular, if this half-hour is replaced with low-intensity activities (e.g walking or housework), the risk is reduced by 17%, while the activity is medium to high intensity (e.g running or gym). risk reduction is 35%.

In addition, the survey shows the risk to those who sit for more than an hour at work, and recommends every half hour to make a standing break of just one or two minutes.