The bee's medicine

Propolis is a sticky resinous substance that the bee uses to insulate the hive, using with other materials such as wax and other resinous substances.

This insulating material due to its antimicrobial action, prevents the spread of bacteria and fungi that would be harmful to the health and well-being of the colony.

Most of the propolis consists of resin (50%), wax (30%), essential oils (10%), pollen (5%).

Propolis, therefore, is a very important medicine for the human body, and especially during the winter and especially during the coronavirus period, it is able to protect and strengthen us significantly, in combination with strengthening the immune system through diet.

The action of propolis is antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, strengthens the immune system, preventing viruses from entering our body, treats allergies and improves skin health, accelerating cell growth and detoxifying the skin.

Propolis is usually taken in the form of a tincture, capsule or spray. You can easily find it in pharmacies.