Run Forest, Run

Run Forest, Run

Do you like running?

I started running in the last 10 years with a hesitation at first as I thought it was something very difficult and only for athletes but I was wrong and below are some tips for everyone who wants to start running.

1. Make a schedule
For starters, it's a good idea to create a realistic schedule that you can follow. Mark this program in your calendar. If it's scheduled, you have no excuse to skip it.

2. Start slow
Start with easy routes. Don't worry about distance, just put one foot in front of the other wherever you are. In the park (I prefer it), in the gym or on the street. Try a quick warm-up for five minutes and then 60 seconds of jogging, followed by 90 seconds of walking. Repeat for 20 minutes.

3. Continue
Try to run at least twice a week. You will see your fitness, the distance you run and the duration of your training increase.

4. Forget the car
Get out of the habit of driving to places that are relatively close. Running is cheaper, healthier and can beat traffic!

5. Better with company
Find one or a friend to exercise with. This will boost your morale and encourage you not to miss any scheduled workouts.

6. Forget the excuses
Very important tip. Think about what exactly is keeping you from exercising regularly. Routine; Lack of time; Laziness; Find it and fix it.

7. Join a sports club
It will give you the opportunity to enrich your training and find new friends who love exercise like you.

8. Kick up your workout routine
Try an intensive program so you don't get bored. Run fast for one minute or 100 meters, then follow with a slow run. Repeating this program will increase your running capacity, reduce lactic acid build-up and allow you to train harder and longer.

9. Make a monthly schedule
A four-week training program with regular sessions is a commitment to mind as well as body as muscle memory gets you back into action very quickly.

10. Always stretch
Stretching, at the beginning and end of training, will not only help with recovery time, but also prevent injury.

11. Combine speed and power
Alternating between fast and slower runs, shorter or longer, will strengthen your body and legs.

12. Don't give up
Just don't give up, because nothing changes overnight. There is no reason to be ashamed, hesitant or afraid. The goal is one, the finish line and you can make it because there are no excuses. Well; Shall we go for a run?