Don't Hesitate to Quench your Thirst with a Drink

Don't Hesitate to Quench your Thirst with a Drink

There are so many nice and hospitable places for you to choose that is hard to stay unsatisfied

Even if you are enjoying family holidays or after a long hiking, you cannot miss the chance of having a dring on the mountains of Troodos. 

Cyprus coffee is a must for you to try. Very different than the coffee we use to drink at coffee shops,  is made from fresh finely ground coffee beans and is poured in to tint porcelain cups baked along with a glass of water which comes right from the mountains of Troodos. You can also try the cold version of greek coffee, the famous "Frape" which is made with nescafe and water blended in the mixer to create foam and then according to your taste you can always ask for milk or have it straight (only water).You can always ask for sugar if you don't like it bitter. It will surely be surved with lots of ice and a stripe. 

Of course if you are having a meal you can always try some of the local alcohol like KEO and LEON beer or if you would like to take it further, the Cyprus wines, Commandaria and why not Zivania! Just make sure someone can drive you safely home, especially if is your first time with Zivania or Commandaria

Whichever your choice, we can only wish you:" Eis Ygeian!" (Cheers)!

Location: Troodos Mountains