Acropolis Tavern

Authentic Cypriot cuisine in a relaxed environment

The tavern located between Mesogi and Tremythoussa, next to the river, has been offering Cypriot food and rich meze that stand out for years.

It combines the experience and the taste of tradition with authentic Cypriot flavours and always welcomes us with great hospitality and warm service.

At Acropolis Tavern, meals are prepared daily, all made from fresh ingredients. In its comfortable environment, it will introduce to you a cuisine with personality and authentic recipes.

Every Friday and Saturday you can taste delicious and rich Cypriot mezes, with 22 of the most authentic traditional dishes of Cypriot cuisine, in a welcoming and picturesque space accompanied by live music.

In their wonderful garden with its lush greenery, you can enjoy their awesome appetisers, traditional stews and juicy dishes of the hour, such as pork and chicken, souvla, kleftiko, seftalia, meatballs, stew, moussaka, lamb ribs and more!

Acropolis Tavern also offers a rich wine list that completes any special experience.

Looking for the prefect venue? They organise various receptions (weddings, birthdays, christenings) ensuring that all guests will leave happy.

There is a large parking place next to the tavern.

Every Friday and Saturday Acropolis Tavern welcomes all its guests with live music!