Aliki - Salt Lake

Aliki - Salt Lake

The Lake is known for its walking trails and the flamingoes who gather in the centre

Larnaka Salt Lake is a complex network of four salt lakes (3 of them interconnected) of different sizes to the west of the Town of Larnaka.

The largest is lake Aliki, followed by lake Orphani, lake Patsalos,and Para Orphani. They form the second largest salt lake in Cyprus after the Limassol Salt Lake. The total surface area of the lakes add up to 2.2 km² and being just off the road leading to Larnaka International Airport is one of the most distinctive landmarks of the area.

Besides its picturesque beauty, the lake is the haunt of 85 species of water-birds with estimated populations between 20,000–38,000. It is one of the important migratory passages through Cyprus. Among them are 2,000–12,000 flamingoes ] which spend the winter months there feeding off populations of the brine shrimp Artemia salina.