Chantara Waterfalls

An exquisite creation of nature

The waterfall in Phini is located in Hantara area. Undoubtedly, the waterfall, an exquisite creation of nature, enchants and impresses all visitors.

Access to the remarkable waterfall is possible only through a “pleasant and short path”. The waterfall emerges through a wild landscape filled with “platans, pine trees”, and local kinds of trees and bushes. The scents and odors of lavender and sage, in combination with “the sound of water falling, the sweet singing of the nightingale” charm all visitors.

The water falls vehemently eight meters down and “forms a small lake”. The bubbly water runs on the “hard volcanic rocks of gabbro” that filled “with tiny velvet mosses”, while “ivy has embraced the trunks of plantans”.

The waterfall fills all visitors with unique feelings! The magnificence of these feelings bestowed upon the visitor by the waterfall is indicated in a text found in the Archive of the Community Council. Explicitly, “while the water falls with its peculiar humming, within this beautiful mountainous landscape, it overwhelms you. You can effortlessly feel the mind resting and reviving. You can also feel an attraction to stay as long as possible and view this site. One can not help but think how this could be appreciated by more people with just a few alterations”.

The foundations of an old watermill that possibly operated at the beginning of the 20th century are located near the waterfall.

Chantara means a Scale or "weighing machine". The waterfall is not the highest or the biggest in Cyprus, but definitely it is the most beautiful.

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Chantara Waterfalls
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