Cliff Social All Day Project

Enjoy all day menu options and unique sea views!

Cliff Social is located in Pafos, in the area of Moutallos. A unique location where there is a large imposing rock that catches your eye in the centre of the village square.

In a modern environment, Cliff Social always has something to offer you. You can enjoy your morning coffee, brunch, drink or dinner with dishes from the menu that specialises in international cuisine.

The menu was created by chef Dimitris Mandarakas, who gives us the opportunity to experience options that can satisfy any palate.

On the menu you will find pizzas, pasta, burgers, steaks and grilled options that will excite you. The cocktail menu has been created by two renowned bartenders of the island and the signature cocktails are inspired by Umit Inatci's works of art, located right in front of Cliff Social.

At the back of the restaurant, there is a great space where children can safely have fun, just as parents like to go out. There is also a small sweeterie inside Cliff Social, where children have the opportunity to order and enjoy their ice cream or waffle.

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, from 19:00 in the evening, there is a DJ to entertain all guests.

Enjoy all day menu options and unique sea views!