CORAL BAY Health Clinic

They provide the most appropriate medical care to you and your family!

Coral Bay Health Clinic is a private medical centre in Coral Bay, specifically on Coral Bay Avenue.

The clinic is able to help not only every patient enjoying their vacation in the Pafos area, but also the local community with high quality medical services.

Professional English-speaking and Greek-speaking doctors are willing to offer a wide variety of medical and therapeutic practices and to help you with all your medical concerns.

Ambulance transport
In case of emergency, patients can be transferred from the Coral Bay Health Clinic to Pafos General Hospital or to one of Pafos Private Hospitals. Immediate and safe transport of patients to the hospital is an essential part of the treatment of various critical health conditions. In such cases be sure that they will do their best so as not to waste valuable time.

They are able to offer a wide range of blood tests, analysed by specialists. The results can be discussed with a visit to the doctor or if a patients want a specific blood test, it can be done. INR screening and screening tests for diabetes and thyroid disease are part of their daily routine.

Ear Syringes & Infections
The ear usually secretes wax, which is responsible for protecting and lubricating the ear. It also prevents the invasion of debris and prevents the overgrowth of bacteria. However, too much wax or hard wax can cause an obstruction in the ear. Ear pain, ringing in the ears or temporary hearing loss are common symptoms. Removing plenty of ear wax by watering the ears is a routine process and a safe way to relieve these symptoms.

Public Health Education
Educating and informing patients and the local community about public issues (e.g. vaccinations) and common health problems (e.g. diabetes or obesity) is one of their main goals. Proper education in these matters is an essential component of a person's present and future health. In this regard, they firmly believe that they need to make their patients aware of these issues and it is an essential part of their social responsibility as healthcare providers.

Emergency contraception
It can be achieved by prescribing the "next day pill". As a result, a possible pregnancy after unprotected sex can be effectively prevented. Emergency contraceptive pills are safe and the sooner they are taken, the more effective they are. However, you should keep in mind that these pills do not replace the use of regular contraceptives, so they are not supposed to be used as a regular form of contraception.

If required, patients can be treated at Pafos General Hospital or at one of the Private Hospitals they work with, until they fully recover. In case they are responsible for your treatment and supervision during the treatment, you can be sure that all the medical and nursing staff will serve you effectively, in the safest way and with the utmost respect. Keep in mind that in addition to taking care of your health, they also aim to protect and promote all the rights you have as a patient.

Visits to hotels and residences
The doctors at the clinic are happy to visit you at your place if there is any medical problem that prevents you from accessing the clinic. The regional coverage extends throughout the city of Pafos and the areas of Pegeia and Coral Bay.

Medical Reports
A medical report is a written document that contains the results of a medical examination performed on a patient. This medical report usually includes basic information, the patient's medical history, test results and the type of treatment provided. Medical reports can be given at the request of patients or if required by the insurance company. In addition, fit-to-fly certificates can be issued to fit-to-fly patients whenever requested by the airline in order for the patient to fly. Certificates for renewing a driver's license can also be issued.

The doctors of the clinic are able to provide you with the appropriate prescriptions and medicines whenever needed. In case you have not brought your prescription with you, their doctors can help you with all the necessary medicines that you take on a regular basis. The prescriptions are handwritten in standard forms and given to patients. Doctors instruct patients before taking the drug and are willing to answer any questions regarding administration.

Referrals to Specialist Doctors
Referrals to a specialist medical professional, if and when required, is an integral part of the clinic's medical services. They work with many specialist doctors covering the full range of medical specialities you may need during your visit to Pafos.

They provide the most appropriate medical care & effective treatment for you and your family.