Cyprus Museum of Natural History

Cyprus Museum of Natural History

The first Natural History Museum of Cyprus

The Cypriot Natural History Museum is located at the Carlsberg factory in Latsia-Dali and it is open to the public for free-entry visits.  It is a remarkable, fully organised museum, of European standards, which contributes to the ample enlightenment of the public, on the flora, fauna and geology of Cyprus.

The collection of the Natural History Museum includes approximately 2500 exhibits. Its largest part consists of stuffed mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects, as well as rocks, minerals, semi-precious stones, shells, fossils and others.

Another thing that impresses is the representation of the Cypriot Farm Court with all the pets that can be seen in the Cypriot courtyards from the past as well as the fake dinosaurs that are outside, in the garden of the Carlsberg factory.

Days / Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 08:30 - 13:00
Contact Number: 22585834 or 22585858
Fax: 22481450
Entrance: Free

Visits are arranged by telephone.