Georges Alain Pâtisserie

An amazing Parisian patisserie in Pafos

Georges Alain patisserie is located in Pafos and it is a dream come true for Mr. George Alain Papavgoulis.

After graduating from the world-renowned culinary school, Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Pastry Chef Georges Alain worked in famous hotels and restaurants (even Michelin Stars restaurants). He decided to leave the bustling life of Paris and move to Pafos with his French wife, to offer his family a more relaxed and family life.

Pastry Chef Georges Alain has opened a wonderful patisserie bearing his name in Ibrahim's renovated Hani. A corner pâtisserie with a Parisian air, al fresco tables and French background music, there in the reformed old market, in the centre of Pafos, with him serving you behind the counter.

The values of his patisserie are quality, respect, health and good high quality ingredients, which is why he always chooses the best ingredients.

He offers a variety of gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan desserts and generally tries to share his passion for sweets with his customers. In most of their baked goods, they use raw cane sugar. They avoid the use of chemicals, artificial fragrances or industrial ingredients. They respect their customers as much as they respect themselves, so their creations strike a delicate balance between health and quality.

Delicious vanilla flavours that take you on a journey to Madagascar, their wonderful chocolate flavours to Belgium, their fine Matcha tea will give you the real taste of Japan, while their selection of local ingredients will take you closer to the heart of Cyprus.

See Georges Alain Pâtisserie's menu HERE

High aesthetics, fine materials, impeccable design and quality, meet at Georges Alain Patisserie. Bon appétit!!!