Waterfalls & Nuture trail Kalidonia

Waterfalls & Nuture trail Kalidonia

Equip yourself and indulge in the exciting Cypriot nature!

Kalidonia Waterfalls named by the Scots when visiting the area of Platres, around 1878 and are located two kilometres north of Platres. The Scottish ware amazed by the beauty and the resemblance of the waterfall with their home land. (Caledonia used was called Scotland during ancient times).

Kalidonia Waterfalls are among the highest natural waterfalls we have in Cyprus. The water of the waterfall falls vertically from a height of 12m. The visitor may visit the area using the roadway towards the waterfall or following nature trail on foot leading to it near Psilodentro.

If you wish to visit only the waterfalls you can start from the Psilo Dentron restaurant and walk up the hill for 20-30 minutes.

Location: Platres | near the summer Presidential Residence.