LEF1 Ship Wreck

LEF1 Ship Wreck

It is the first and only boat in Cyprus that will also be used for "snorkeling"

In the sea area of Larnaka, the boat LEF1 was sunk, to create a new artificial reef.

The specific ship was donated to the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research by the company Lefkaritis Bros Ltd as part of the company's corporate social responsibility actions.
The LEF1 is a 15 meter long vessel. It was sunk on December 10th, 2019 and placed in the sea area of Voroklini, at a depth of 13 meters so that it is accessible not only to divers but also for snorkeling.

Together with "Elpida" LEF1 is the new artificial reef of Larnaka and they offer multifaceted benefits to Larnaka. In combination with the natural reef of the area, which for years has been attracting various species of Mediterranean fish, LEF1 contributes to the development of marine biodiversity and the upgrading of the ecosystem as well as to the recovery of fish stocks. Also, the reef contributes significantly to the increase of diving tourism in Larnaka as well as to the strengthening of the local economy.