Olympos Mountain

The highest point in Cyprus!

Olympos or Chionistra, at 1,952 metres (6,404 ft), is the highest point in Cyprus and one of country's highpoints. Due to that elevation, Cyprus is the fourth highest island of the Mediterranean (it is number three in size as well). Olympos is the peak of the Troodos Range, a huge dome which covers the south-western third of the island. At the same point the visitor can also see a British long range radar which currently operates.  

Check out todays weather from the Troodos webcam for a virtual view here!

With the ophiolite rocks like harzbugite and diurite, which you find close to the summit it is also a geological showcase. Here, at Cyprus the North-African and Anatolian tectonic Plates collide, which gave rise to the formation of the range (and island) in the first place. During the upheaval the ophiolite rocks of the earth's crust rose to the surface and can now be studied near the summit of Olympos. 


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Olympos Mountain
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