Paradox Museum Limassol

The most unexpected thing you've seen!

At the Paradox Museum, they play with your mind. Nothing makes sense here, yet everything is absolutely true! It is a space of absolute creativity and questioning! Everything is innovative and fuelled by education as well as entertainment. The real paradoxes are things that, although they are true, are false, and although they are false, they are true and make you think again.

It is an innovative space that combines the worlds of science, art and human perception. With more than 50+ amazing exhibits inspired by the paradox. The Paradox Museum offers more mind-blowing experiences than any other educational destination in the world! You'll learn all about the fascinating science behind the exhibits, have fun and take photos so spectacular your friends won't believe they're real.

All of their exhibits are unique and designed to make you think again! There are usually two types of exhibits in museums.
Visual Paradoxes: These exhibits are created using shocking images or installations that evoke mystery or play tricks on your eyes and brain.
Interactive Paradoxes: These exhibits challenge all your senses, often creating a false perception. These are completely fascinating facilities or rooms.

Known worldwide as one of the most innovative spaces in experiential entertainment, Paradox museums enchant the mind, trick the eye and provide entertaining experiences. Each location is a unique entertainment and educational destination, full of local ideas, stories and events.

They aim to spice things up with a dash of wild ideas and a dose of exciting fun. Because they know it takes two to dance a tango, but it takes a team to win the race!

It is a great place to visit with friends, family or as a group. The museum and exhibits are suitable for all ages. It is located in the Trakasol Cultural Center, in Limassol Marina. The entrance to the museum is opposite the main parking area of the Marina. Parking is available in the multi-storey car park of the Limassol Marina, opposite the Museum, as well as in the street nearby, on Molou Street.

We encourage you to visit and use your imagination to create unique memories and capture the moment!

Are you ready to turn your world upside down?