Rimini Ristorante

Flavourful Mediterranean Dining in Pafos!

Whether you are looking for somewhere to dine, a place in which to entertain or conduct business or other events, Rimini is the place. It is a restaurant that promises to meet all your needs and desires.

Inspired by the Mediterranean way of cooking, colorful vegetables, extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemons, select seafood, grilled meats and fresh, fragrant Mediterranean herbs and desserts that are made from scratch. 

Rimini Ristorante is a restaurant in Pafos that offers flavourful Mediterranean dining with not only a great menu but a great wine list too. Dine with family and friends while enjoying the friendship and hospitality of their staff.

Go indulge in their restaurant experiences for unforgettable appetizers, salads, pastas, pizzas, entrees, desserts, beer and fine wine.
The chefs at Rimini Ristorante are devoted to perfection, infusing each recipe with their own unique talent and creativity.

Rimini Ristorante loves any reason to celebrate and can help you plan your next dining event. If you are getting married, it’s your birthday or having any reason for celebrating they are more than happy to organise your parties or gatherings.

You can find it in Kato Pafos!

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