Skiing on Troodos Mountain

Skiing on Troodos Mountain

The impressive Troodos mountain range with its idyllic forests

At the top of the Troodos Mountains one can find the only Skiing Center in Cyprus.  Here, one can take advantage of the pleasures of Winter Sports under the beautiful Mediterranean blue sky. Skiing can be enjoyed on the slopes of Mount Olympus (1951 metres a.s.l.), usually from the beginning of January until the end of March. An International F.I.S. Skiing Competition is organized every year by the Cyprus Ski Federation and takes place at the ZEUS Slalom Homologated Piste.

Check out todays weather from the Troodos webcam for a virtual view here!

The Cyprus Ski Club operates four ski lifts at the Troodos ski centre:

A Chairlift on the FIS homologated slope of Zeus (380 Meters)

A 262m T-bar type ski lift on the Hera slope

A 125m T-bar ski-lift on the Sun Valley area leading to the Aphrodite slope.

A 140m T-bar ski lift on Sun Valley leading to the Hermes slope.

The ski lifts operate from 09.00.  All runs are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers.

The Ski Shop is situated  in the “Sun Valley” area. It is operated by the Cyprus Ski Club, and is run by trained technicians. It has approximately 300 pairs of Alpine skis and 400 pairs of ski boots, 50 snowboards with boots and  50 pairs of Cross Country skis and boots. The Ski Shop is open throughout the week during the winter season. 

Boards can be purchased from Force Eight Sports in Limassol about an hour drive from Troodos mountain. 

Contact:  +357 22 449837/25 420165 (Cyprus Ski Federation and Club)