Treasures from the StoneAge

Experience the Magic of Crystals & Gemstones!

Crystals are used for a variety of functions: For beauty, as part of jewellery, as decorative items and as part of art work and interior design. Through-out history Crystals were used for healing, for protection and as symbols for different purposes. The awareness to the wonders of Crystals has been growing since about 1988, when StoneAge was established. More and more people are open to the magic of the Crystals and therefore allow themselves to enjoy the effect of Crystals on their general balance in all levels: Physical, emotional and mental.

In this unique shop you can find: 

  • Jewellery based on Crystals: necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings.
  • Natural crystals
  • Crystal gifts and decoration 
  • Salt lights
  • Fossils & Meteorites
  • The Secrets Of Crystals: A Book written by Shani

What makes StoneAge so special and worth visiting? 
Adam and Shani discovered the world of crystals thanks to Menorah Charney,  Shanis mother  who was a spiritual teacher, healer and pioneer as early as the late 1960s.

Adam & Shani, the owners,  presented the crystals to people who came for healing treatments, meditation studies and weekly meditation sessions. People got excited and asked questions. Shani collected books from all over the world (before the Internet age), read and passed on the information. Without thinking, without delving, she simply allowed the information to flow. 

Adam, who has a GG degree from the GIA institute, is the manager. Adam travels the world to buy the best direct from the source. Over the past 30 years, Adam's knowledge, experience and worldwide connections, have led him to direct sources, often at mines in distant location worldwide, where few buyers actually get to.

Shani is the “Crystal person”, the vitality and life of StoneAge, providing knowledge and connection to the wonders of the Crystals.
Over the years Shani has written 4 Crystal books, two of them are unique and different to any other Crystal book.
Shani, has a different way of seeing, understanding and explaining the power of Crystals: In her books and work shops, as well as to people visiting the store, she explains why and how a certain Crystals has its effect. Those explanation often fascinate people and mostly, helps them connect. Due to this unique point of view, she has developed a kind of Crystal reading that helps people understand what’s needed to change, do or balance in order to achieve something in life.

After more than 30 years in the Crystal kingdom, Adam and Shani still get excited over Crystals. The love and connection are as they were at the beginning- and people mention that this love is felt in the store. Many mention that you can feel the Crystals receive love, that its not only about business.