Interview with the manager & owner of Treasures from the StoneAge

Interview with the manager & owner of Treasures from the StoneAge

Shani Toder

Cyprus Alive talked to the manager and owner of Treasures from the StoneAge, Shani Toder. Read the interview below to find out more about this unique store in Larnaka!

1. When was Treasures from the StoneAge founded?
We established StoneAge in 1988.

2. What does Treasures from the StoneAge offer?
We have a big selection of Crystals and Gemstones. We are one of the biggest importing companies in the world for Natural Crystals and Gemstones that come from all around the world. More specifically you can find jewellery, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, ear rings, natural crystals, crystal gifts & decorations, salt lights, fossils & meteorites, and The Secrets Of Crystals - Book by Shani.

3. Where are you located?
You can find us at Ermou 120, 6022, Larnaka, Cyprus but we also have a store in Israel on the boarder of Tel Aviv. 
Our store in Israel is one of the biggest in the world with many visitors from all over. 

4. What makes Treasures from the StoneAge stand out?
Our focus is Crystals, real crystals. Adam (manager and one of the owners of Treasures from the StoneAge) has a GG Degree from the GIA institute, he is an expert in crystals and a Gemologist. He makes sure that all our crystals are real! We can help all our visitors find what they are looking for, we teach crystals and give advise on the metaphysical side. Overall we live and breathe Crystals. 

5. What should people know about Crystals? 
When you are in our store, allow yourself to flow. Do not think, just pick up the Crystal that "calls" you. What are you drawn to? which one "speaks" to you? Everyone of us is different, and the cause of a pain or any need is different from one to the other. Therefore different Crystals will be right, for different people, even when the need is the same.  

Most important! You do not need to believe in the Crystals, just accept and allow them in your life.

The Crystals effect on us, is by balancing our vibrations: Each Crystal will have a different effect according to its chemical and gemological properties: So, For crystals to help us, it is important to keep them near the body. You may keep them under your pillow, in your packet, hold in your hand when you feel it's right or as Jewellery.

To find out more about Crystals or How to use them, and the properties of each one, please visit our website. We have many articles and information.

View a short message from Shani on Youtube HERE.

Thank you very much Shani and we wish you the best. We are sure that people are very happy with the service and products you offer.