Travelling to Get Treated? Where to?

Travelling to Get Treated? Where to?

4 Best Destinations Any Health Traveller to Cyprus Should Not Miss

Health and well-being tend to hold a central place when it comes to travel planning. Numerous travel agencies have therefore adjusted their packages to accommodate the needs of health travellers. As a country with an emerging yet promising health tourism, Cyprus counts among the top destinations on the travel agents' agenda. Now, I am not a travel agent, but as a fortunate expat living in Cyprus, I am able to give you a few tips if you wish to offer yourself a memorable holiday and benefit from high-quality treatment to cure or alleviate your condition. Here are 4 best of the best spa and well-being resorts in Cyprus I would not miss if I needed to travel to get treated.

#1: Ayii Anargyri

This 5* spa resort is sublimely set in a paradisiacal foresty landscape near Paphos (45 minutes from Paphos International Airport). If you are a nature lover, Ayii Anargyri is definitely your place, far from the hustle and bustle of city life where you can enjoy a state of profound calmness and drink from the health-giving mineral waters that spring from the ground every here and there. 

First opened in 1649 by Cosmas and Damianos brothers, renowned at the time for their generosity in offering cure to those who needed it without expecting or thinking of any material reward. That is actually what gave the name 'Anargyri' to the place, which means 'without silver'. We have all heard about two silverless saints - 'Ayii' means 'saints' in Greek- so the story is true, they were real people who were sanctified for their selfless acts, and ... it's all in the name, after all.

Officially opened for guests in 2009, the high-class hotel can accommodate 150 guests in its garden suites, bungalows or classic rooms. Its truly unique spa facilities, a luxurious swimming pool to cool down on hot summer afternoons, and state-of-the-art conference amenities for 50 people make it ideal not only for relaxation and recuperation purposes but also the ideal location to cater your next grand event.

The last but not least, the hotel serves only organic food prepared from local, biologically-grown products. When was the last time you ate garden-fresh veggies or fruit that are both nutritious and add oodles of taste to your dish? If you go to Ayii Anargyri you will have the chance to indulge, for sure...

#2: Anassa Polis

Anassa is a 5* family-run hotel located in the North-West of Cyprus. As its 'royal' name suggests ('anassa' means 'queen' in ancient Greek), the world-class facility is considered by many critics absolutely stunning, and the 'jewel in Cyprus's crown'.

If luxury is what you seek, Anassa should be definitely top of your list. The white, light marble fixtures and terracotta roofs give you a 'more-than-a-hotel'feeling. Located in a Byzantine village, the resort has access to two 18-hole golf fields, has a spa and an indoor squash court within the spa and two outdoor tennis courts for private lessons and tennis clinics. Additionally, if you're travelling with your children, nothing is out of mind and out of sight at Anassa. The luxurious spa resort has plenty of children's entertainment programme packages to choose from.

When it comes to spa and well-being treatments, Anassa offers one of the best seawater therapies and QMS anti-ageing treatments for your face and whole body. QMS is a revolutionary skincare formula that helps reintroduce collagen into the skin, thereby supporting wound healing and helping restore damaged tissue. Anassa offers three types of QMS-based treatments: 

QMS- skin recovery (facial) treatment - offers immediate remedy against wind- and high-altitude sunburn damage. The effects of the deep cleanse are enhanced by the soothing algae mask applied afterwards.

QMS-oxygen therapy - with the aid of an oxygen applicator, this treatment has been specially developed to channel the anti-ageing ingredients effectively into the skin. The extra oxygen supply boosts circulation and speeds up the regenerative process.

QMS - whole-body treatment - focuses on re-shaping and toning the lower body by stimulating microcirculation and oxygen absorption in the skin, thereby improving cellular metabolism. This is mainly a cellulite-targeting treatment and therefore highly beneficial for stomach, hips, and thighs. The effects appear in a short while after treatment. For maximum benefits, you may wish to use an anti-cellulite cream or body shape as a post therapy

#3: Aphrodite Hills

If you are an ancient history and mythology enthusiast, you may find Aphrodite Hills as the perfect 5* escape from the madding crowd and heavenly located on a plateau that overlooks Aphrodite's legendary birthplace surrounded by the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea. Uniquely combining the classic and the minimalist modern style, the resort is an ideal getaway whether you're simply wanting to relax, are fitness or sports enthusiasts, or wish to offer yourself and your family a holiday to remember.

In point of well-being treatments, fitness and sporting activities, 'indulge, relax & enjoy' is the name of the game. If you're looking for quick-effect rejuvenating treatments, the spa is for you. All spa packages include use of changing rooms and locker service, sauna, the lavish relaxation gardens, not to mention the tepidarium and tasty herbal tea. 

Depending on your health & wellness requirements, Aphrodite Hills offers you a wide range of packages to choose from. You can delight in 'deeper than deep' hot stone massage, make the most of the toning and biotec lift-A firm or the collagen-based anti-ageing facial treatments, freestyle deep tissue massage (for men) and a lot more. 

If you're a golf lover, you can have a wonderful pastime at one of the hotel's golf courses or on the playing field.

#4: Nicosia Apollonion Private Hospital & Other Healthcare Centres

Next stop in our health route - Nicosia Apollonian Private Hospital. No, no need to leap! Only if your health care requirements are more demanding and involve more than just recovery, do include Nicosia on your list of best medical centres worldwide. 

Nicosia Apollonian is renowned for its surgical and medical treatment solutions. The facility benefits from state-of-the-art medical technology and the expertise of health professionals specialising in all the key areas of medicine. 

The majority of treatments, though, such as cosmetic surgery, eye care, and dental care are performed by small clinics and private practices scattered across the island. For accurate and up-to-date information about the best healthcare facility that best suits your needs, feel free to contact the Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board and consult your physician.