Cyprus Religion

Spirituality is universal


The main religion in Cyprus is the Greek Orthodox. Christians make up 78% of the Cypriot population. Most Cypriots are members of the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus. In addition to the Orthodox Christian there are also other minority groups such as Turkisn Cypriots who are Sunni Muslims, Maronites, Christian Arabs, Roman Catholics and Jews.

There are several Orthodox churches in each town, and between towns, of varying sizes. The services are in Ancient Greek and are often relayed on loudspeakers outside the buildings. People come and go as they wish, the services can last two hours or more, but it’s not unusual for people to come and go throughout.

Religion has always been of high importance in the Island as people after all these hardships they suffered through the wars they created a strong connectionc with the divine seeking for help in order to give them inner strength to handle all the suffering the loss of their families and fortunes caused them. On the other hand, looking back in history, church-religion has deep connections with the Island's educational system, affecting political decisions such as national liberation struggles and of course people's cultural direction. Nowdays,Greek Orthodox Church of Cyprus has not such a connection with the educational system but still expresses its opinion on political issues, even though we are a secular state.  

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