Cyprus Alive

Cyprus Alive

Lunch with the Team

“Cyprus Alive” has now been going for a month. Everyday the lively team of about 15 contributors has been posting articles on Cyprus to cover every kind of interest: Events, traditions, food and drink, trips and excursions, you name it – if it’s about what to enjoy in Cyprus, “Cyprus Alive” covers it.

Yesterday marked the occasion of the first team lunch with a ginormous Cyprus fish meze at the Zakos on Larnaka’s McKenzie Beach. It was really delightful to get to know other members of the Contributor Team and hear from our founder Tasos Shakallis of the remarkable interest the site is generating.

I don’t lack experience of Cyprus Mezes, but even I kept exclaiming “What? More?” There were the usual dips, olives and salad to put us in the mood, fish cakes, crab cakes, prawns, prawn cocktail, kalamari, baby octopus, chips, little fish like white bait, medium-sized fish like grey and red mullet (Barbouni for when you are shopping in Greek), big fish like filleted large bream (Fangri). And then to finish off some “Glyko tou koutaliou” of which Myrtia wrote a few days ago.

If you find yourself in Larnaka and would like a beachside restaurant where you can enjoy swimming, lie on a sunbed and enjoy a great lunch you might well like to try out the Zakos. I will certainly be going back there!