3 beautiful locations in Cyprus for an unforgettable weekend

3 beautiful locations in Cyprus for an unforgettable weekend

Discover picturesque villages and stunning landscapes

If you're running out of ideas for this weekend, we've got the perfect solution for you. What could be better than taking trips to nearby places to fill your lungs with fresh air and escape the frantic pace of everyday life and obligations?

Let's explore and analyse the top destinations for weekend getaways!

Kalopanagiotis village
Many have characterised the village of Kalopanagiotis as the Arachova of Cyprus. Not without reason since it is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages to visit either with your family or with your friends. Kalopanagiotis is located in Nicosia, in the region of Marathasa, together with other villages, and there is the monastery of Saint John. In Kalopanagiotis there is a cable car which extends from the top of Kalopanagiotis to the monastery. Nearby, one can easily come across the water mill of Kykkos, an admirable ancient creation that is worth a look. Finally, due to the fact that Kalopanagiotis and the surrounding villages are points of intense tourist interest, the authorities have ensured to provide outlets such as cafes and restaurants. Therefore, you can very easily go around the whole village and at the same time take a rest and eat, drink and continue your journey. 


The double-bridge of TrimikliniThe double bridge of Cyprus is located in mountainous Limassol and more specifically 27 kilometres from the city. It is known that during the Venetian and Frankish periods the double bridge was built to unite places that were separated by a river. The double bridge of Trimiklini was completed in 1917, and its aim was to facilitate the transport that took place within and outside the region and to ensure a smooth route for the carts of the time. The feature that makes it unique is its double structure, it is the one and only bridge that exists in all of Cyprus. Therefore, such a special creation is worth a trip.


Kakopetria village

Kakopetria is located in Nicosia, 63 kilometres from its city. More specifically, you will find it in the valley of Solea, at the base of the Troodos mountain range. In the village of Kakopetria, you will find that it has several admirable points that you must see. Some of these are the 'Linos' and 'Eliomylo' museums for history lovers, the stone of Androgynous which is huge and is located in Old Kakopetria and the water mills of Kakopetria. Furthermore for lovers of action and excursions, they can walk on the 'Kannures' Trail. Finally for the more zen types, don't neglect to take a look at Clarios river. Its sound and the whole landscape will make you feel magical and calm.