8 easy tricks to become more photogenic

8 easy tricks to become more photogenic

Tips to improve your photos!

Usually when we take group photos it's hard to succeed and the camera seems to always do us wrong! Many times we look thicker and group photos in general seem to have nothing to do with selfies! To avoid looking at your photos on social media and freaking out, there are 8 easy tricks to become photogenic!

1. Take care of your chin

Push your chin and head slightly forward, this makes your face look thinner.

2. Take care of your shoulders

Push forward, this will emphasise the shoulders and make your arms look thinner so you will look elegant.

3. Your smile

When you smile put your tongue on your palate, right behind your teeth and like this your smile will look more natural.

4. Turn your body

Slightly turn your body, fixing one foot in front of the other, your fingers pointing towards the camera, and put all your weight on the back leg.

5. Stand in the middle

Avoid standing on the edge, arrange to stand in the middle, it makes you look skinnier.

6. Take care of your hands

Do not put pressure with your hands on your body, place them on your hips or keep them slightly away from your limbs.

7. Practice

When you find the best pose, adopt it and don't mind if they tell you that you are doing the same pose, what matters is that you have found the perfect pose!

8. Use filters

Filters can turn a medium photo to a nice photo, it makes it look more professional! Find the right filter for each photo just don't overdo it.

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