A good relationship

A good relationship

The right relationship that everyone deserves

I firmly believe that it is a matter of luck to find in your way the person who will immediately feel like their your other half. But I also believe that luck is not a concept of air, but your own power to direct the course of your life.

Let's say you found that person, the one and only. Does this mean that you will be together forever, and happy, so simply, like a fairy tale?

Of course not. Every enviable relationship you see around you is based on a lot of work and some secrets that neither one nor the other have kept secret.

In order for your relationship to last, you must:

1. Respect your partner:
In short, to admire them for what they are, for their values, their behaviour, their humanity, their successes or their perseverance.

2. To take your share of responsibility:
They say that only one is never to blame. Ok, sometimes one can be a little more to blame. If you feel that you have made a mistake, it is good to admit it, to discuss it and to apologise sincerely.

3. Do not take the other for granted:
Yes, your partner can never really change. Over time, however, there are many living conditions, social changes and the wounds that are revealed that make us reconsider. It happens to you, why not happen your partner too?

4. Give your relationship oxygen:
It can mean space, time, small surprises, upsets out of nowhere, simple actions that prove that you care and love each other, on a daily basis.

And no, that's not easy. But the most beautiful things in life require effort.