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Business promotion packages

PACKAGE A (with 7 different ways to promote)

PRESENTATION in 3 languages (Greek, English and Russian) on the website including Facebook promotion

Price: €750 per year + VAT
Duration: 12 months

1. Individual presentation in the city and in the category that suits your business
It will contain all the necessary information that the customer needs to know about your business.
(Business presentation, 12 photos, Google Map, Facebook, Instagram, Trip Advisor, Youtube videos, Email, Phone, Address, Website).

2. Group presentation in the appropriate category that your business falls into
In a category on destinations section (e.g. Limassol Restaurants)

3. Presentation in a specialised category
In a special category of Recommendations (e.g. Asian Restaurants, Restaurants in Nicosia and others)

4. Presentation with 15 keywords in the main search, based on the title

5. Presentation in the Business Directory

6. Interview
Additional article - interview on the website with rich photographic material.

7. Promotion on Facebook with 672 posts per year (minimum)
•    204 individual posts on 3 local pages and 4 Nationwide pages
•    204 Group Posts per destination category
            (e.g. per city, shops, restaurant etc.)
•    264 Posts in specialised categories of recommendations
            (e.g. jewellery, shoes, clothes, etc.)

Duration: 12 months

Banner in one category
€350 per year + VAT
Duration: 12 months

Placing a banner in a category on our website
(eg Gastronomy or Nicosia shops)

The banner will also be displayed in all articles (existing and new) which are under each category.

Duration: 12 months



Banner in Four categories
€850 per year + VAT
Duration: 12 months

We place banners in 4 categories on our website.
(eg Gastronomy, Excursions, Nicosia shops, Larnaka restaurants) 

The banners will also appear in all articles (existing and new) which are under each category separately.

Duration: 12 months

Other more specialised packages are also offered.

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Our Social Media Specialists take full responsibility for the best results of your promotion...
4,000 Online visitors + 200 thousand views on Facebook daily

We undertake the creation and management of your business promotion:

  • with specialised staff
  • to the right audience
  • in the right way
  • with full update of results
  • with clever creations for the idea, text and presentation

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