The Ghost Town

The city that we younger people we didn't met, but we love so much.

From my childhood i remember my father and my grandfather to talk for hours for life in Famagusta. Their eyes filled with tears but in the same time their eyes were shining and glowing. Through this shining i met and loved Famagusta. So with the opening of the borders we visited our village Kalopsida and our hometown Famagusta.

Gooseflesh...Ηorror....Unanswered questions.

A little boy then, twelve years old looking for answers, asking more questions and my father rants, and didn't know how to explain me why... And a new horizon opens for me.

After all these that i faced this day i felt that one mission assigned to me. One mission that assigned to all the kids of Cyprus.

To keep the spirit of returning to Famagusta alive.

My questions start multiplying and i am starting my personal research to learn as much as possible for my town Famagusta. With the help of internet, from personal statements and memories of my relatives i started fashioned image of Famagusta before the barbaric invasion.

It was the largest tourist resort in Cyprus with a rapid commercial and industrial growth.

Cosmopolitan, Pioneering, with high-rise buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Tourist Resorts. A popular destination with Hollywood Stars are frequent visitors.

And now a ghost town...A town that time stopped in 1974.

But one town that is still alive in our souls, us that we met her as a ghost town and engraved staright to our hearts.

One town that live now through her two childrens. Anorthosis and Nea Salamina. Two clubs that they didn't close, because they know very well their mission. To give the spirit to the next generations for returning to our town.

It's our duty as new Famagustians, to keep alive the spirit of returning to our town.