Beer Tasting Seminar Larnaka

Beer Tasting Seminar Larnaka

Know your Beer - 16th Feb 2017

It was last summer that I realised just how much variety was to found in the world of beer.

I’d been to Belgium to see my friends Willy and Marie-Claire Winnen. We’d popped across the border to Mastricht. It was a hot day and it was soon time to stop for a beer. “That looks a nice bar,” I said to my friend. “No,” replied Willy. “I want to show you a bar round the corner that has 16 different draft beers.” Needless to say we did not try them all.

The next day we were visiting Brussels. We’d had lunch. “I must show you a bar that has 25 different beers.” Then we were in Bruges. We went to visit a Brewery there. They had over 30 types of beer at the visitors’ bar.

I went on a little tour of the brewery. I learnt of the way hops were crushed, of the boiling process, of the different ingredients that were added to beer to give flavour. I learned that although beer-making was not as complex as wine-making, there was a lot more to the process than one might imagine.

Greece and Cyprus have their own well-known breweries.
Mythos and Fix in Greece, Keo and Leon in Cyprus. Carlsberg is also produced here - under licence. Cyprus has, in addition, two micro-breweries: Prime in Sotira and Aphrodite’s Rock near Pafos.
Hula Hops also makes beer in Cyprus using Prime’s facilities.

With such diversity of beer developing in Cyprus, it is interesting to note that Larnaka’s Tree of Life Centre will be hosting a special beer-tasting seminar on the 16th of February.

The seminar will cover such topics as:

  • The different stages of beer-making.
  • The principle secondary ingredients that are added during beer-making.
  • The different kinds and categories of beers.
  • Beer tasting. How do we judge the quality of a beer?
  • Ways to serve beer. What food it can accompany.
  • Facts and myths about beer.
  • The medicinal value of beer.

Attendees will have the opportunity of tasting various beers paired with suitable foods to accompany. The taste and aromas of each one will be discussed.

Participation at the seminar costs €5, payable on arrival.
It takes place between 19.00 and 21.30 on the 16th February 2017 at the Tree of Life Centre 9 Marcou Dracou St, Larnaka.

This is the link for a google map of the area.

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