An Exhibition of Ceramic Art, Painting and Photography / Year 2

The Community Council of Platres, as part of its summer events for 2018, will once again present an exhibition of Ceramic Art, Painting (Aquarelle Paintings) and Photography titled “Chromato Pilo Kamomata” (roughly translated as “Creations of Colour and Clay”) at the Cultural Centre of Platres (1 Georgiou I. Skirianidi str., 4820, Pano Platres, Cyprus), with the collaboration of Costas Michaelides, Maria Michael and Tania Kalaitzi.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Saturday August 4th, at 19:30. The exhibition will be open to the public throughout the week until Sunday August 18th. 

Aside from exhibiting their artwork, the artists Costas Michaelides and Maria Michael will be teaching daily, classes of Ceramic Art and Painting (Aquarelle Painting). Costas Michaelides, who has many years of experience in the field of Ceramic Art, offers to the public the opportunity to learn the secrets of Ceramic Art through a two-hour Master Class by the end of which you will have crafted your very own unique ceramic object (e.g. a table lamp, a jewellery box, a tea-pot). 


In addition, sign up for Maria Michael’s summer Painting Workshop (Aquarelle Painting) and let loose in the magic world of colours. 

A portion of all proceeds from our event will be given to the organization “Istera Irthe i Anixi” (A non-profit organization that supports people with hematologic diseases) as a donation for their service and the help they offer to our fellow citizens.  

We look forward to seeing you in Platres!

For more information:       
Visit our Facebook Page or contact us at via E-mail at chromatopilokamomata@gmail.com

To sign up for the lessons:

Ceramic Art Master Class 

- For reservations call 96 559 564 or send an E-mail to pikioni16@gmail.com
- Participation Fee: €30 per person 
(**This price is subsidized by the Community Council of Platres**)

Painting (Aquarelle Painting) Workshop 

- For information call 99 457 457 
- Participation fee: €5 for children 
(**The price is subsidized by the Community Council of Platres**)

Costas Michaelides
Costas Michaelides, who comes from the village Arsos of Limassol, is an artist with more than 40 years of experience in the field of Ceramic Art. He has been teaching for years to adults at the Adult Education Centres of Limassol and he has also been teaching private lessons for crafting ceramic artwork. Costas Michaelides maintains a studio-workshop at his private residence in Limassol. At the exhibition “Cromato Pilo Kamomata” Costas Michaelides will exhibit his ceramic paintings and other ceramic objects which are both functional and decorative.

Maria Michael
Maria Michael is a visual artist (ceramic artist) from Limassol, who inspired by the sea and the way of life of the city of Limassol expresses love, hope and the joy of life through her creations. In the exhibition “Chromato Pilo Kamomata” Maria Michael will exhibit her unique creations made of aquarelle paints and clay, while at the same time she will run a daily Painting workshop (aquarelle Painting).

Tania Kalaitzi 
I am not a photographer. I simply love taking photographs. I started “playing” and experimenting with a camera in my hand from an early age. Now I like taking photographs of landscapes more, the sea and Nature in general. When it comes to taking photographs of people, I prefer capturing their spontaneous moments; a smile, a facial expression, a moment of their daily life. 

For this year’s exhibition I chose to present photographs from various places in Cyprus, but mostly photographs from abroad (specifically from the United Kingdom). I chose photographs depicting various elements from my favourite cities (Limassol, Lancaster, York) and from other beautiful places that I have visited with friends and from which I only have fond memories.