Cover of the song ''Creep'' of Radiohead
Sunday 08/03/2020

Cover of the song ''Creep'' of Radiohead

By Aimili Charalambous

Aimili Charalambous is a vocal teacher, she grew up in an intense musical environment and now music is a very important part of her life.

Aimili started singing songs from a very young age of 3, songs she used to hear on the radio.

Aimili started piano lessons when she was 8 years old and vocal and music theory lessons when she was 12.

Aimili graduated in 2018 at the BIMM University of Manchester (professional musicianship course).

In 2014 she participated in ''The Voice of Greece'' and she passed and she went on to the final. Her first performance in the game was "Anthropi Monachi (=Lonely People)" where she won over all four judges.

She also participated in the competition for the selection of Cyprus song for Eurovision 2015 with the song ''Right in''.

Aimili has collaborated with great Greek artists such as Melina Aslanidou, Kostas Makedonas and George Papadopoulos.  She has also collaborated with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra.

For the last two years she has been singing in nightclubs in Cyprus.

Aimili made a cover of one of my favourite songs the ''Creep'' of Radiohead.

Aimili sings this song in her own way and it's worth listening to it!

Listen to the song: