Cyprus 1st Swing Carnival Party is coming...

Cyprus 1st Swing Carnival Party is coming...

On the 1st of March, in Nicosia at Red Live Stage.

Cyprus first Swing Carnival Party is on!
On the 1st of March, Red Live Stage will turn into an underground jazz bar celebrating the birth of the Swing Era. Back to the time when the fashion elegance was deliberated by the imaginative improvisations of musical pioneers such as Louis Armstrong! The journey continues to the golden decades of Greek cinema reliving the vibrant romance of Manolis Chiotis and Mary Linda. The speakers
will be electrified by the beats of Parov Stellar taking us through to the Swing-influence sounds of Greece's New Wave artists such as Panos Mouzourakis and Mariza Rizou.

The impressive scenery will take you back to the Manhattan jazz joints with DJs, Live Acts and Dance Groups reliving the timeline of Swing from its very start to its renewed current state. The carnival mood will take the party on with all the carnival classics that will make us sway till late.

Dress to Impress with a 30s - 40s influenced appearance and get the chance to win €100!

The event is organised by WonderBe (Nicosia Beach Party - La Casa De Papel Halloween - Urban Xmas).

For Info and Reservations call us at 99059257 or send us a message @WonderBeCyprus on Facebook.