Digital nomads
Monday 22/04/2024

Digital nomads

The evolution of nomadic life

Digital Nomads are people who work remotely. What sets them apart from all other workers is that they have a work-lifestyle independent of where they live and can travel around the world while working.

The word "digital" refers to the use of technology and the word "nomad" refers to moving whenever they wish. Digital nomadism is mainly choosing a way of lifestyle-work and not a career. In theory, anyone can become a digital nomad, as long as the scope of their work allows it. The digital nomads has the ability to choose his movement at regular intervals and determines his own destinations and the duration of his stay.

Choosing the nomadic lifestyle
There are many reasons that make this lifestyle attractive and to a large extent, the advantages of nomadic life are the same as those of remote working. The key difference is the sense of adventure that comes with every new destination. Also, some digital nomads may have significant financial benefits (eg choosing a country with a low standard of living). In addition, most digital nomads report lower levels of stress compared to a conventional job. Also, the hours are flexible, there isn't the politics of a workplace (eg dress code) and the pressure around it. Also, traveling broadens horizons through meeting new cultures, experiences and making new friends.

Difficulties and disadvantages
The first and foremost hurdle is finding a steady source of income. Also, whether you have a permanent remote job or work as a freelancer, you must be absolutely sure that you have a backup plan to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also, the time difference and the insufficient development of the network in some countries may create problems in communicating with employers. Still, the lack of meaningful relationships, the constant instability and loneliness of this lifestyle is a condition that can discourage many along the way. The above includes the constant movement which can be tiring and there is still no particular stability in everyday life. Loneliness and lack of private space are also frequent phenomena.

What work should I do?
• Service provider
• Consultant
• Advertiser
• Author
• Digital assistant
• Programmer
• Blogger
• Website designer
• Online teacher
• Seller on websites
• Teacher of foreign languages
• Youtubers
• Employee at an SEO agency