Genius, successful and creative design ideas

Genius, successful and creative design ideas

for easier and better life!

Would you like to make your life easier and better or make a better and more practical product?  
Here you will see pictures of genius, successful and creative design ideas that will inspire you and you might want to try!

See some interesting design ideas:

Harnessing nature to shade a walkway

Creative and cute playing cards

Putting rails under a bench so you can always be in shade!

Apartment building holds 150 trees for nature lovers

Ads against littering 

This bottleneck is at an angle for easy fill and drinking

The drain is right under the soap dispenser so it doesn’t stain the sink

Multi coloured hair ad from the colours of the sky! It's so aesthetic and a great idea!

This enchanting Gothic Victorian house built In 1888 for gothic people

A suitcase that can measure its own weight

Refrigerator for easy way to find you stuff

A puzzle that comes with a stand to hold the box up

A bag for glasses

The way these milk jugs line up

A creative use of the captain’s arm

28 "Der Spiegel" covers 2017 and 2020

A caution sign for slippery floor, what is more slippery than a banana?! It looks nice and poeple will be noticing it more!

Restaurant half-sunken under the sea.  Great idea for sea food!

Bed sheet tells you which side you are holding so that you can orientate it when putting it on the bed

Self-taught American artist Brian Mock created this wonderful sculpture

Elvish - elvin silverware, an unusual design

A dining chair

Rainbow Building 

Royal mail's new electric delivery van that looks like a cute toy

House glass ceiling for a wonderful bedroom!

Exit sign 

Umbrella logo that only shows when it gets wet

Wonderful architecture of a home office/library that gives inspiration and makes reading more wonderful!

This dishwasher projects a timer onto the floor

Bottle opener

Maintenance guy's with a helpful sign on his t-shirt, you wont be needing to ask or search!

Aesthetic pigalle basketball court designed by Ill Studio & Nike

2020 Badge Design, sad year, sad design


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Genius, successful and creative design ideas

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