Glyko koutaliou syko

Glyko koutaliou syko

Fig preserve - Fig spoon sweet

Glyko koutaliou syko – Fig spoon sweet

“Glyko koutaliou” which means spoon sweet is a traditional homemade sweet fruit preserve (it is made even with some vegetables). It is served in a spoon (that’s why it is called “spoon sweet”) accompanied with cold water as a gesture of hospitality.

Fig preserve is usually made with unripe whole figs. In this recipe I use ripe figs cut in halves. The result is something between fig preserve and fig jam.

Eat it on its own or serve it with yogurt or ice-cream for a delicious dessert!


.1kg peeled figs

.1/2kg sugar

.half lemon juiced

.3/4 cup roasted almonds coarsely chopped


Peel and cut figs in halves and place them in a deep pan. Add the sugar and let them stay for 1-2 hours. Put the pan on fire stirring until the sugar dissolved. When it comes to boil lower fire and keep stirring for approximately 20 minutes until you have a thick syrup. Add the lemon and turn of the fire. Let it cool down, add the roasted almonds and serve it in clean and dry jars.

You just try it…. You will not be able to stop eating!!!!


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