How  Limassol celebrated the "Kataklismos"

How Limassol celebrated the "Kataklismos"

with great splendour

 The ancient custom of celebrating the Flood, the "Kataklismos" was enacted in Limassol between the 18th and 21st June 2016 with great splendour. Many events were included in the festival, events such as swimming races, cruising the sea with the "Pamporos" astro-observation with the telescope and special representation of the "Adonion Mysteries "offshore boat races. The festival closed with a concert of traditional music, by Michael Tterlikkas, the band "Adama" and the Limassol Cultural Dance Group "Dionysos". All the events were organized by the Limassol Municipality.


How  Limassol celebrated the "Kataklismos"

The ancient custom of the Flood celebrated in Limassol with every splendor...