Interview with Roza Maria Pantzi

Interview with Roza Maria Pantzi

Co-owner of Fouetté Ballet School

Cyprus Alive spoke with the co-owner of Fouetté Ballet School, Mrs. Roza Maria Pantzi. Read the interview below to find out more about this outstanding school of dance.

1. When was your School established?
Fouetté was established in 2008 by Nadia Pantzi.

2. What does Fouetté Ballet School offer?
Our ballet school provides to children and adults classical ballet lessons (Vaganova system) taught with the authentic Russian methodology. In addition, the school offers contemporary dance, modern jazz and body conditioning classes.

3. Where are you located?
Our school can be found in Larnaka ( 2, Australias Avenue, 6046, 3rd floor) and in Paralimni ( 153, Griva Digeni, 5281 - opposite Public).

4. Mrs. Pantzi, what makes Fouetté Ballet School stand out?
Since 2008, Fouetté’s goal is to teach to each student the authentic Russian ballet in order to create strong, and knowledgeable young dancers. While our students are trained in both practical and theoretical spectrum of classical ballet, the school provides the opportunity for students  to participate in international and national ballet competitions. Some of our students were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in national and international ballet competitions, as well as receive scholarships for workshops and competitions in Japan. Additionally, some students managed to study classical ballet in conservatories in Russia, Bulgaria and in the UK following the paths of contemporary dance and musical theatre. Apart from competing, our students are given  the choice of undertaking classical ballet exams from Sofia’s University of Arts ‘Pantcho Vladigerov’. On the other hand, Fouetté provides the opportunity to children and teenagers to experience another spectrum of dance with contemporary and modern jazz technique. Contemporary is a vast spectrum which contains plethora of movement techniques, however, the students are taught the most important and well known contemporary techniques such as Graham, Release, and Horton Technique.

What makes Fouetté stand out is that once our students combine the classes that are offered ( classical ballet and contemporary dance) we manage to create young artists, who understand  how to follow a professional approach to choreography, theatricality, and performance. Most importantly, Fouetté pushes young individuals to connect and cultivate their inner artist in a creative and fun way. In addition, if one of our students decides to carry out dance as a profession, we consult with each student and parent which would be the most proper career path for each individual.

5. What is your vision?
Our dream, most and foremost, is to continue to evolve the dance level in Cyprus and to push our students to a standard which will make them stand out. Primarily, we wish to create disciplined, humble and confident young individuals who will be able to work with a proper group ethic and who will find confidence in themselves to achieve their goals. Fouetté’s main focus is to facilitate and accustom the education of the dancing art to the needs of each unique individual that joins our family.

6. Any other comments or information? 
The classical ballet is taught by Nadia Pantzi ( graduate of Vaganova Academy, in Saint Petersburg, Russia) and Pantelina Pantzi ( first Cypriot graduate of the ‘Rimsky Korsakov’ Conservatoire, in Saint Petersburg, Russia).  The contemporary dance and Jazz technique is taught by Rozmari Pantzi ( graduate of University of Nicosia, BA and University of Bedfordshire ‘ Dance Performance and Choreography, MA, UK)

Thank you very much Mrs. Pantzi. We wish you all the best and we are sure that people will love your school and the services you offer!