Hantara (Chantara) Waterfall

Hantara (Chantara) Waterfall

An exquisite, enchanting creation of nature

The impressive waterfall of Hantara (Chantara) is found on the river Dhiarizos, north of the village of Foini. People who wish to visit, can reach it either from the village of Foini (0.3 km asphalt and 1.2 km dirt road) or from the monastery of Trooditissa (3.5 km dirt road) or from the village of Pano Platres (2.9 km asphalt and 2.6 km dirt road). Access is through a short and easy dirt road, which stops just a few meters from the waterfall.
Photo: Doros ATheodorou‎

The Hantara waterfall derived its name from the word "anatra" which means "water noise". The water of the waterfall falls violently from a height of eight meters rolling over the gavro, which is one of the main rocks of the area and forming at its base a small pond.
Photo: Irene Eliades‎

Situated in the middle of the countryside, it is surrounded by trees, plane trees, ivy, pine trees, golden oaks, sumac, strawberry trees, cistus, sage and lavender, giving guests wonderful scents.
Photo: y. mak. photography 

Next to the waterfall are the foundations of an old watermill, which operated until the beginning of the 20th century. While on his right there are carved steps on a rock.

The waterfall of Hantara with its unparalleled beauty offers the visitor moments of coolness and relaxation. It is undoubtedly an exquisite creation of nature that enchants and impresses.

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