Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and Beauty

All women are beautiful but there are women who do not know that they are beautiful

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Beauty is generally the characteristics of a person, who offers an endless experience of enjoyment, pleasure and satisfaction. The "ideal beauty" is the existence that it is admired, or possesses features that are widely characterized as beautiful.

On the other hand fashion is a popular style or even a popular practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup or furniture. Fashion is a distinct and continuous trend related to the external appearance of everyone, which has been adopted by many people for some time.

Fashion also consists of the most prevalent styles of behavior and the latest designer creations. Although some aspects of fashion can be characterized as male or female, some styles are androgynous.

Fashion trends are influenced by many factors, including political, economic, sociological and technological. Fashion specialists use a variety of information from analyzing these factors to determine the rise or decline of particular trends. The industrialization of garment production in the 20th century has been the trigger for the emergence of the so-called fashion industry, a sector that is highly globalized in the 21st century.

Fashion development plays an important role mainly in the media. Fashion journalism is an important pole for spreading different styles. Fashion reviews, instructions and comments abound on television in magazines, newspapers, fashion sites, social networks and fashion blogs. Especially in recent years, fashion blogs and YouTube have become an important means of spreading trends and fashion advice, creating an online style sharing culture.

And do not forget that beauty starts from the moment you decide to be yourself ...