Sightseeing in Cyprus

Sightseeing in Cyprus

An Island for Sore Eyes!

Sightseeing in Cyprus

Do not underestimate the cosmetic values of the Island. Few countries can match Cyprus for its authentic natural beauty. Touching the Island’s coasts are golden brown beaches with crystal clear waters, which provoke you to dive in head first the second you lay your eyes upon them. As you travel further inland, you can discover a blanket of well preserved trees/greenery covering the mountain tops and valleys, (unless its winter season, then you could expect the hills and slopes to resemble something of a white Christmas miracle), in which the local wildlife is proud to call home.

When it comes to sightseeing, Cyprus has countless attractions that would be an appetizer for your imagination. The lush waterfalls of Kalidonia for example, will leave you standing in awe each and every time you are in their presence. On the other hand, you could travel to Paphos to visit the Tombs of the Kings; a vast archeological underground burial site of high ranking officials gloriously carved out of solid stone.

Furthermore, with over 500 churches, monasteries and chapels to boast about; some even dating as far back as 329 A.D., religion has been, and still is, deeply embedded within the local culture. Being surrounded by 3 continents, (Europe, Asia and Africa) you can imagine the incredible influences it has had on the architectural element of the structures.

On the whole, regardless of your sightseeing cravings-this tiny Mediterranean Island will ignite a fire in your heart with its beautiful landmarks and mature ruins, which are a sight for sore eyes as much as they are a database of knowledge!

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