Music n’ Stars 2017

Music n’ Stars 2017

Observe the Perseid meteor shower hearing lounge music on Troodos mountain!

Cyprus Astronomy Organisation invites all astronomy lovers to an alternative musical event, focusing on the observation of the Perseid meteor shower, on Saturday 12th of August.

The Music n’ Stars event will take place for the second consecutive year in Troodos Botanical Garden, in the old Amiantos asbestos mine. The Botanical Garden, with the abundance of aromatic herbs, is the perfect place to observe this astonishing astronomical phenomenon.

The event will start at 9 pm and admission will be free. A night photography lesson will also take place during the event, while telescopes will be available for observation of the celestial bodies.

The Perseid shower.

What are the Perseids?

The Perseids are a prolific meteor shower, associated with the comet Swift–Tuttle. The Perseids are so called because the point from which they appear to come (called “the radiant”) lies in the constellation Perseus.

When we are watching a meteor shower, we are actually seeing the pieces of comet debris heat up as they enter the atmosphere and burn up in a bright burst of light, streaking a vivid path across the sky as they travel at 37 miles (59 km) per second.

When they are in space, the pieces of debris are called “meteoroids”, but when they reach Earth’s atmosphere, they are designated as “meteors”. If a piece makes it all the way down to Earth without burning up, it graduates to “meteorite”. Most of the meteors in the Perseids are much too small for that; they’re about the size of a grain of sand.

Perseid shower over Meteora, Greece

The dos and don’ts

For a more satisfying experience, CAO advises us as follows:

  1. Always follow staff instructions.
  2. Lighting fire is prohibited.
  3. Camping is not allowed.
  4. Dumping of rubbish or cigarettes is strictly forbidden.
  5. Watch your steps in the dark, so that no one gets hurt.
  6. Avoid the use of white light. Use a red light instead.
  7. Take a comfortable seat with you.
  8. Although there will be a canteen serving sandwiches, refreshments, water and coffee, visitors could bring their own snacks or drinks with them.
  9. Carry some warm clothes or blankets with you. Nights on Troodos are cold, even in the summer.
  10. Get yourself into a good mood!

The Perseid shower.

The Music n’ Stars 2017 event is under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus Mr. Nicos Anastasiades and supported by:

  • European Space Agency (ESA)
  • International Dark Sky Association
  • Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works
  • University of Nicosia
  • Troodos Development Company
  • Research Promotion Foundation
  • Nicosia Science and Space Cafe

Musical selections by "BOOM my party".

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