Now you can feel more "Nicosian" than ever!

Now you can feel more "Nicosian" than ever!

Mini buses, serving Nicosia's center are now on the way!

Seven years after the beginning of the changes on the Public Transport's System of Cyprus, we can say that changes are going more and more better!

Approximately five years after the cancellation of the only one bus line who was serving the Nicosia's old center (the famous "Yellow" bus, who was the line number 1!), Nicosia's Municipality innovated with buying 13 grey mini buses and start serving the old center of Nicosia.

They serve two bus lines, they start every twenty minutes, they cover some bus stops who serve also OSEL's buses (the company who handles the urban and rural bus lines of the rest of Nicosia) and their start is near to Solomos Square, where stop and start the most urban bus lines of Nicosia and all the intercity buses from / to Nicosia, among with some of the rural bus lines of Nicosia, who pass by there, so you can use the "catch-and-release" method.

Their code numbers are "λ1" and "λ2", where the letter is the greek letter for "L", who represents the greek word for bus (leoforio<λεωφορείο) and the number represents the bus lines' number who serves the bus stop. Their start is on Vassileos Pavlou (King Paul's) street and their routes are going like this:

The route λ1 passes by: Vassileos Pavlou, Evagorou, Gregory Afxentiou, Lordou Vyronos, Mouseiou, Paphos Gate, Rigaenis, Vassiliou Voulgaroktonou, Pygmalionos, Nicokleous, Lefkonos, Diogenous, Isaakiou Komninou, Pentadaktylou, Ermou, Ektoros, Nikiforou Foka, Korai, Isokratous , Tylliria's Square, Areos, Achilleos, Trikoupi, Konstantinou Palaiologou, Rigaenis, Solomou Square, A.G. Leventi, Evagorou, Vasileos Pavlou.

Route λ2 goes to: Vasileos Pavlou, Evagorou, Andrea Demetriou, Themistoclee Dervy, Stasikratous, Mnasiadou, Foti Pitta, Spyrou Kyprianou, Crete's, Stasandrou, Pindarou, Eugenia's and Antoniou Theodotou, Konstantinou Palaiologou, Korai, Isokratous, Tylliria's Square, Areos, Achilleos, Trikoupi, Bouboulinas, Stasandrou, Archiepiskopou Makariou III Avenue, Zina's Kanther, Theophanou's Theodotou, Stasikratous, Evagorou, Vasileos Pavlou.

The small buses are modern, they can transport 22 people, 14 seated and 8 standing and they have additional seats for people who need priority, as well as a ramp for people with mobility difficulties.

So, by Monday, May 29, 2017, we can take the small Nicosia buses and make our city center move easily, quickly and easily.

For more information, the public can contact 22797100.

*The photos of the mini buses belong to Time Out Cyprus.