Pomos - Pachyammos - Kato Pyrgos

Pomos - Pachyammos - Kato Pyrgos

Acritic Cyprus

We are travelling today to a border village of Cyprus. We followed a dream route to our final destination. The beautiful seaside village of Pomos.
We started our route following the Limassol-Pafos route and headed west towards Polis Chrysochous.
Passing through the villages of Argaka, Nea Dimata, Agia Marina Chrysochous the beauties that have seen our eyes will hardly describe them to you in an article of a few lines.

Endless sea with crystal clear turquoise waters, once wild and once calm small coves that invite you to stop the car and swim in the waters forgetting every concern, to leave yourself to the beauty of the landscape to rest . We saw the sky mingle with the sea, carefree people swimming, carefree people with a good heart.

Arriving at Pomos we noticed that it is a small village with few inhabitants who live mainly from the products they produce and from tourism, as there are many accommodation and houses to rent. In summer the area is full of life, while if you like the quiet you better visit the area in winter.

Something that struck us is that Pomos is surrounded by forest and in front of it you spread the sea. It's terrible the contrast of the landscape, everywhere you look you see nature grow. The Green of the mountain to rest you and the blue of the sea to calm you.

After resting for a while we took our car and moved for the Dragon's cave. The route was easier than I expected as we didn't have to walk long until we found it. How shall I describe to you the wonder of nature which was now spreading before my astonished eyes. Small pebbles at our feet the sea calm and behind me the notorious cave that gave birth to the legend about St. George and The Dragon as you believe that the cave was the residence of the notorious Dragon. A cavern of enormous dimensions, and from the rock I noticed that a small brook was running, and to my great surprise the water was sweet and drinkable.

After exploring the cave we took our photos as genuine explorers we headed to the small picturesque port of Pomos. A very small port that hosts the boats of the fishermen of the area as the village is as we understood a fishing village. Because we liked it very much we visited it again and the evening where it was lit was even more beautiful.

The next day finds us in Pachyammos a small village after the Pomos, to visit the Church of St. Raphael where thousands of Christians visit every year leaving their vow and worshipping the Tomb of the Saint located within the Temple. Every year on the feast of Saint Raphael on Tuesday of Renewable  there is a big feast around the Church attracting crowds of people.

We continue our route to a remote village but the route makes you forget the fatigue you may feel until you arrive as you pass through the forest, a green carpet that spreads before your eyes, the boats making their own games with the foam and the waves. The only thing that blackens your soul is the small part that is under Turkish occupation Called Red.

So we reached Pyrgos. A village that reminds you of Greece you feel for the moment that you have left Cyprus and you have been somewhere else, in a village where time flies slowly and carefree.
Just outside the village we found the famous Church of Panagia Galoktisti where the name says it and it is made of milk as it was the will of Panagia since as many times as they tried to build it with water and soil the chapel did not stand. The chapel is always open to pilgrims and a large replica image of the original adorns the middle of the Temple. You can light your candle or leave your vow in the big tree located in the churchyard.

They reach the end of our journey and we share with you the reason that the village of Pomos was likened to Santorini. But of course the sunset, such a magnificent sunset does not exist in the whole of Cyprus. The sun slowly fades into the sea scattering the shades of orange with yellow into the sea that takes in turn another colour purple with dark blue. It looks like a postcard like a piece of paradise before our astonished eyes, like the painting of the best painter.

We left the Actritic Cyprus and took our way back with the promise of returning soon for new explorations.