Rapunzel in real life

Rapunzel in real life

A woman shows what happens when you don’t cut your hair for 23 years!

Angelica Baranova is the real life Rapunzel!  She hasn’t cut her hair short since she was five years old!

The 28-year-old woman has her hair almost sweeping the floor! 

She gets a lot of attention, people asking her tons of questions and even try to touch her hair, which is why she usually wears scarves now and hides her hair when going out.

Angelica has won a competition called “Russian braid” and received the main prize which was an apartment in Moscow because of her hair!  

Angelica didn’t plan originally for her hair to get this long, it just happened over time.

She takes care of her hair like any other person does, she doen't do anything out of ordinary.

Angelica said that is difficult to walk or move with hair this long but she says that it's worth it, she loves her hair like this.


photos from: https://www.boredpanda.com




Rapunzel in real life

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