"Seven Stories. Lace and Modern Art" in Athienou

"Seven Stories. Lace and Modern Art" in Athienou

Νarratives of local people, accompanied by an equal number of artworks

The Municipality of Athienou and Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou present the exhibition: ‘Seven Stories. Lace and Modern Art'. This is an under going exhibition which is being held since June 2016 and it will end this June (23/6/2017), as part of the registration of Athienou's lace called "Olôplumes" or "petotěs" in the National List of Cyprus' Intangible Heirtage.

The event introduces seven narratives of local people, stories that "bring to life" the creation of lace in the first half of the 20th century. Also, seven pieces of contemporary art will accompany the locals' stories, reviving the path where the thread...."traveled", from the hands of women until "olôploumes" laces got into the suitcases of lace sellers.

The exhibition, through its interactive nature gives you the opportunity to participate in various workshops that will take place by the artists of the event. Specifically, on 11th April 2017 a clay workshop will be conducted under the custody of Anastasia Lampaski Onisiforou and on 22nd-23rd April 2017 another workshop will take place under the guidance of Eirini Klokkari. Additionally, all artists will collectively organize different kind of workshops (pottery, etc.) for both children and adults on 14th May 2017.

 The artists participating are:
 - Anastasia Lampaski Onisiforou
 - Eirini Klokkari
 - Elena Tsigalidou and Sandy Antoniou
 - Natalia Pexlivani
 - Christiana Pougerasi
 - Chrysostomos Iosifides
 - Chrysostomos Kitas

 - Cyprus Ministry of Education
 - OPAP Cyprus
 - Cyprus Organization of Cattle Farmers
 - Athienites Supermarket
 - SPE Allilegyis
 - APS Athienites
 - G.H. My Gas Ltd
 - Zorbas Bakery

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday:  8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: Subject to prior timely notice.
Closed: Public Holidays

* The exhibition was inaugurated by the President of Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO and Director of the A.G.Leventis Gallery Mrs Loukia Loizou Hadjigavriel

(Photos source: Facebook page of Kallinikeio Municipal Museum )