Snowy Mountains of Troodos

Snowy Mountains of Troodos

Olympos - Chionistra

Troodos is the tallest mountain of Cyprus with altitude of 1951 meters. At the top of Troodos is Olympus where there is also the region Chionistra, you will find there the most snow, that's why they named it Chionistra it means a lot of snow.

It is just forty minutes from Limassol and Nicosia.

There are two versions of which it took the name of the Troodos region, since the names of Cyprus often linked from antiquity, likely came from the original name "To-oro-ados" the mount of Adonis. But it may come as villagers called the road where the three roads meet that connect the mountains to Nicosia, Limassol and the Prodromos, ie three routes = odos, Troodos.

Olympus is the favorite destination of the Cypriots in winter, they enjoy skiing, ski lift and rich nature.

The radar of Cyprus is on the top of Olympus seen from many parts of the city of Limassol.
At Troodos Square there is a hotel, cafeterias, restaurants, souvenir shops and park for children to play.

At Aphrodite's Secret store you will taste the delicious cashew nuts from unique taste of oregano and pepper which they make themselves.

In winter the residents are feeling sometimes at the start and other years at the end of December when the first snow falls. In this period is common to snow at the highest points on the mountain.

Troodos has also nature trails but in winter is unsuitable.

Snowy Mountains of Troodos

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