Interview with Nikiforos and Andreas Nikiforos

Interview with Nikiforos and Andreas Nikiforos

Owners of AN Power Demolitions

Cyprus Alive spoke with the brothers Nikiforos and Andreas Nikiforos, owners of the company AN Power Demolitions and here's the interview to learn more about their work and what they offer.

1. Mr. Nikiforos and Andreas, when was your company founded?

AN Power Demolitions was established in 2019.

2. What services does AN Power Demolitions offer?

AN Power Demolitions undertakes the demolition of various buildings, earthworks, clearing, collection and transportation of rubbles. We deal with total demolition of buildings or selective demolition of interior spaces, such as plasterboard, walls and floors.

We have a machine that reaches up to 30 meters high, shears from 100kg to 6000kg and various other new machines and tools.

3. In which regions do you operate?

So far, we are doing work all over Cyprus.

4. What makes your AN Power Demolitions stand out and different from others?

We may have opened our own company since 2019, but we have many years of experience in this field. We have acquired a lot of knowledge and expertise in the field of machinery.

We always consider the needs of each project, the safety of the workers and the adjacent buildings.

We believe that we are good value for money.

5. How can someone contact you to get more information?

They can call us on 99475677 (Nikiforos) or 99616874 (Andreas) and we will be happy to serve.

Thank you very much Mr. Nikiforos and Mr. Andreas. We wish you the best! We are sure that the people will continue to trust your professionalism and service.