Pets during quarantine!

Pets during quarantine!

How do they help us!

Pets, in particular, animals such as cats and dogs, prove to be life-saving for many, providing companionship and consistency in uncertain times. Pets help to keep their owners active since they require daily walks and care. The pet owners say they have been helped not to get bored, to build their day according to the needs of their animal and to go out to the garden or the neighbourhood for a walk!

The benefits of being a pet owner for health and well-being are well documented, since they reduce loneliness and anxiety, help organize daily life, and lift mood. And that's under normal circumstances. In the quarantine period, pets prove very important to many, providing camaraderie, consistency and even joy. The greatest benefit, of course, is the reduction of the stress that the coronavirus pandemic has created.

Not only dogs but also cats have helped many people since those who have children certainly know that they keep them busy with cuddles and toys since they do not move away from the feet of their owners. They help children endure the period of isolation away from friends and walks since they have something to deal with.

Some animals seem to struggle with their routine since they were accustomed to more frequent walks and exits that have now been restricted. Experts say animals such as dogs may start barking more often when their owners are more available. So, they recommend keeping a steady schedule on meals and at bedtime to have time for themselves. When this is over, those who are now at home will return to work or school, so the animal will wonder where everyone went.

Regardless of the quarantine animals require care and many have found the opportunity to bring one home. But let them not forget that they will need our love and care and when the isolation is over and do not give up filling the shelters with stray animals. So, let's think hard before we put a pet into our lives this time of year because we're not following our typical schedule.