The woman who could not withstand the tragic consequences of Helios Plane Crash

The woman who could not withstand the tragic consequences of Helios Plane Crash

"Killed my Ellada," Mr. Christos repeats

On August 14th, 2005, a tragedy took place when the Boeing 737 of Helios Airways Flight 522 crashed in Grammatiko.
121 passengers and crew on board lost their lives that day…

Mrs. Ellada and her husband, Christos, is one of the many families who were left behind grieving for the loss of their loved ones. They lost 4 people from their family that day: Their son Antonis (39), his wife Maria (36) and their grandchildren Christos (9) and Christina (6).

Mrs. Ellada is still in deep grief for the loss of her loved ones and her life from then on changed dramatically. The joy of her life was taken from her in a way which cannot be described in words and all she is left with is pain.

She always thinks about what they would of been like today...If their lives were not lost on that tragic day…

This woman has a sensitive heart,  she always helped other people in any way she could but not anymore…Now, she is the one who needs support, since nothing can comfort her after this horrible tragedy.

For the first five years she was mourning and wondering WHY…Time passed and she eventually stopped crying and began to talk again…Her husband says: “Her body is here with me but her mind and soul are in heaven with our children…All this pain and the loss of our four loved ones…the ones whom we will never see again coming to our home…killed my Ellada…”  

Mrs. Ellada’s and Mr. Christos’s story from Paralimni is one of the many other tragic stories were people lost their entire families in the Helios Airways Flight 522.

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