Things to do at home

Things to do at home

Make staying at home entertaining!

You think staying at home is bad and boring? Is it like a punishment for you? Well there are introvert people that totally disagree, it is actually enjoyable staying at home for us (introvert people).

Staying at home isn’t as bad as you think and it’s not boring if you find things to do.  There are many things to do at home.

I will suggest to you some things to do, things that will make staying at home entertaining!

Here are some things to do at home:

  1. Watch TV - Series

Find an interesting series and get obsessed with it.That will help you kill time instead of sitting and waiting and being bored. Beside this, a tv series will distract you, help you escape from reality and they are going to make you forget about what is happening now in reality, out of your house. You will concentrate on the story of your series and forget about reality and that will help you to stop panicking, worrying or being sad. It will also make you feel better. Another thing that this will help with is that you will probably think about the tv series and that will distract you from other negative thoughts.

  1. Read books

Books help, just like tv series, if you can’t watch a series for some reason or if you are not into watching tv and you prefer reading, then find the right book for you and start reading it.

  1. Start exercising at home

You can’t go to the gym, so what?

If you don’t want to be sitting all the time and you are worrying about getting out of shape, you can exercise at home.exercising at home has its benefits and it is even better than going to gym, you can see the benefits by reading my article about Exercising at Home

  1. Learn something new

Sometimes we complain about not having time, but when we do we don’t take advantage of it and you think that there is nothing to do, but in fact there are many things to do if you sit and think about it. Now that you have plenty of time at home, you can learn something new, it might be something that you wanted in the past and you probably didn’t have time for it and you kind of forget about it, maybe now is the time to learn it.

It can be an instrument, a language, a dance, painting, writing or cooking/new receipts or even a board game.

You can learn these on the Internet, so sit and learn, you fill your time, you are going to get distracted and you are going to feel good!

  1. Go back to old hobbies/activities

Maybe when you were younger, before you were so busy with adult life and going out you had a hobby at home that you quit doing because you didn't have time or because you don’t stay at home anymore, now is your chance to go back to your good old hobbies!  This would totally make you feel better!

  1. Change the decoration of your house/bedroom

You can change the decoration of your house or just of your bedroom. Changes in our environment make us feel good sometimes.

  1.  Play games

If you like gaming, you can spend your ‘’boring hours’’ on playing video games, on your pc or on your PlayStation or even on your phone. Go to the playstore and find and download the games that you like, there are many type of games there.

It doesn’t have to be a video game, if you are more into classic games, you can play with your family board games, if you don’t know how to play board games and you think you should add this on your home activities or if you want to learn a new one you can check out my articles about Games that they play in Cyprus.

Playing games also helps escaping reality!

These are some of the things that I suggest for you to do at home.

Are you still thinking that staying at home is boring?

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